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About Us

Confused about what is the best food for your dog? We were.

Commercially prepared food? Dry? Wet? Supplements? Carbohydrates? Raw? Cooked?


Search on any of these terms and you will find a mountain of, often conflicting, information on what exactly is the best diet for your best friend. There are also no shortage of experts, with or without qualifications banging on about the benefits of one food type over another.


Dogs have basic nutrition requirements, just as we do. And just like you, dogs have preferences for particular food types........ and this is the basis of our food.


Our food is ALL sourced in Western Australia. It is all human quality. It is all prepared with care and love by hand. We use fresh beef, chicken, and turkey protein cuts. We also add fresh liver to some of our recipes. We introduce carbs in the form of pumpkin, rolled oats, pasta or rice. We introduce vitamins and minerals through fresh vegetables. All our ingredients are listed on our packs and are all human grade produce.


There is NO added fillers, salt, sugar, potato, water, preservatives, artificial flavours or anything else besides what is listed on the pack - GUARANTEED!


Although we are uber-confident that your best friend will absolutely love our portion-controlled meals, any changes in diet should be introduced gradually. We recommend starting your pet on half portions using one of our sampler packs. 

This will allow you to monitor your dog's preferences whilst still getting some of the stuff that they may be used to. If your dog doesn't like our food, simply drop us a line and we will refund 100% of the sampler pack price. 



August 2019:

Winter is for hearty meals and risotto is the king of hearty. Beef Risotto is now available.


August 2019:

Turkey is available once again in our shop. Use the EATHAM10 coupon to get 10% off. *limited time only.


June  2019:

Well, it's official. Based on the latest order processing, our RUSTICA has become the leading product by sales volume. Not bad for a recently released product.  Most popular serving size? 200g

Thank you to our in-house designers and, most importantly, our customers.

Get it from 01 July 2019  (until 31 July 2019) at a 15% discount using our SOFYS15 coupon.


June  2019:

RUSTICA is now available in our store. What is RUSTICA? Well, think of vitamin and mineral-dense protein combined with farm-styled vegetables and pasta. A bit of deviation from our usual offerings, but one that our client testers have universally given a muzzle licking tick of approval.


June  2019:

Winter days need winter foods. Beef Minestrone (not a soup) is now available in our shop. Until 16 June 2019, take 25% off by using TAKE25OFFB15 coupon.


May 2019:

We have upgraded our beef mince. All beef mince, as well as still being human-grade beef is now also now officially classified as lean.


May 2019:

New flavours will making an appearance in June. Beef Minestrone and Chicken Minestrone will be available in the shop in 100g sample sizes as well as 500g and 1Kg packs.


May 2019:

You asked for it, we delivered it. Our pack sizes have changed and now include 500g and 1Kg options.  


April 2019:

The first of our Signature Range has been released. Diced skinless Chicken Breast with Pumpkin (Signature Series) with or without Turmeric is now available in our shop. Be quick as we will only have a limited initial production run.


April 2019:

Chicken 7 Day Multi-packs are now available in our shop.


April 2019:

Turmeric available as an add-in option for many of the products in our standard range - select the option in the shop when ordering.


April 2019:

Cafe Range launched. House Of Lloyd welcomes our first dog-friendly cafe offering our cafe range - BOO TWO in Bulwer Street Perth.


April 2019:

We are working on our Signature Series products - made from diced chicken breast and fresh WA beef - this range will bring an additional textural level for our pets through the use of premium ingredients.


March 2019:

House Of Lloyd launched at the Colours of Italy festival.





Own Recipe

We are confident that the food we prepare with love will be demolished by your dog. Our ingredients are all freshly sourced and vacuumed sealed before slow cooking to lock in all the flavour, vitamins and minerals.


Our real meat and a range of carbohydrate based food, as well as the fresh vegetables, beans, and greens will provide a varied and nutricious meal for your pet (standard disclaimer: always check with your vet before changing your pets diet), however, we also understand that your pet may have specific dietry requirements. 


In these cases, let us prepare, portion pack, and cook your dogs meals, so that you do not have too. We will save you precious time. Use the Contact Us form below and let us know what you need. We will see if we can source the ingredients and quote you. Please note, minimum production runs are 5 Kg of food but it will be packed in either our 150 g, 200 g, or 300 g packs - just let us know your preference.



What some of our customers say.

"Milo Loves It"

Thank you House Of Lloyd, Milo absolutely loves your food.

Candice B.


Great Success!

"Hoovered it"

He can be fussy, but did not hesitate at all hoovering your product. Well done.

Matt D.


"Mia Loved It!"

Thank you so much, Mia loved it!.


White Gum Valley

Dogs scoffed them down. We will be ordering more online.

Aldo B.